Top 10 Composition’s Based on Famous Novels

The amount of compositions that have rejuvenated novels or all ready composed pieces, is astonishing.

In this list we will look at 10 outstanding compositions that are exciting, interesting and bold.

  1. ‘Ulysses’Roger Rudenstein. Over 10 years ago, American Composer Roger Rudenstein began to create a composed piece that took James Joyce’s Ulysses and turned it into classically portrayed Opus’.
  2. ‘Wuthering Heights’Bernard Herrmann. Between 1943 and 1951, Bernard wrote an opera-only piece, and recorded it in 1966, however it was released theatrically in April 2011.
  3. ‘Romeo and Juliet’. William Shakespeare’s tragic love story has been rearranged or re modelled by many composers over the years however Prokofiev’s ballet version is particularly unique, merging both art forms in dance and performance.
  4. ‘Sense and sensibility’-Patrick Doyle. Originally created in 1811, then revamped by Patrick Doyle, this is a worthy score, with beautifully constructed instrumentation and piano based compositions.
  5. ‘Harry Potter’John Williams, Patrick Doyle. J.K. Rowling’s famous books featuring everyone’s favourite character’s returned in film form, using scores from world renowned classical composers John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat. 
  6. ‘The Book Thief’John Watson. The score for the film was written and produced by John Watson, with beautifully constructed arrangements and emotional attachment to the film. 
  7. ‘Sleeping beauty’-Originally written by Charles Perrault in 1697, the piece was separated into to pieces by the Brothers Grimm, one of Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballets was performed within this piece.
  8. ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’William Shakespeare has inspired a countless number of composers with this piece including Henry Purcell, Felix Mendelssohn, Carl Orff, Vaughan Williams and Benjamin Britten. 
  9. ‘Carmen’Bizet. This piece was inspired Merimee heard of a ‘ruffian from Málaga who had killed his mistress, who consecrated herself exclusively to the public. it was soon composed and released in 1875.
  10. ‘The Aspern Papers’Domonik Argento. The Aspern Papers, originally written by Henry James. In 1987, Domonik Argento was commissioned by the Dallas Opera to produce an opera based on this novel.



Julia Mascetti: In Distance, Everything Is Poetry EP

In a musical landscape of predictable, manufactured sound, it comes as something of a shock when something genuinely arresting is released. Such is the case here, Julia Mascetti, having relocated from the UK to Japan, has brought the traditional folk of her homeland and allowed the influences of her new surroundings seep in. The result is an EP filled with emotion and beauty.

The release is centred not just around her own feelings of being far away from a familiar land but of loss, disillusion and memories, which is evoked through delicate, spidery vignettes which evolve like dark fairy tales.

There’s a Lynchian/Waitsian atmosphere which hints at sadness and loss but which balances this with a feeling that it is far more of a warning than a threat on this impressive release.

‘In Distance..’ will delight fans of Joanna Newsom; Marina and the Diamonds and Kate Bush, and, Mascetti also seems to be taking inspiration from iconic artists such as Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

Hearing Mascetti’s delicate vocals and alluring melodies accompanied by her harp will make a change from the sounds you are normally fed. And its certainly refreshing to see a musician not just aiming to appeal to the masses – with Mascetti, quite rightly, believing in her vision on an astute collection of work.

Listen to Julia here:


Pink Milk release debut album ‘Purple’

Recorded in Gotland, uncontaminated by outside influences off the coast of Sweden in the freezing Baltic Sea, Pink Milk’s debut album, Purple, is the culmination of three years hard labour which has already seen rave reviews for their singles from Kerrang, BBC 6Music, Amazing Radio and Virgin Radio. Though occasionally (and rather lazily) described as shoegaze in some quarters, their sound is a lurching cosmic beast firing off solar flares from all angles, attempting to fill every available space with their elephantine, reverb-laden sound.

Comprising of Maria Forslund (vocals, drums) and Edward Forslund (guitars, bass), Pink Milk first announced themselves with a cover version of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love is”, a chilling, cavernous interpretation which saw it described as “hauntingly beautiful” and “fascinating and shimmering”. Their uncompromising approach to recording has drawn parallels to The Cranes and Cocteau Twins, though although these hint at their sound, neither having the sheer vastness and malevolent undercurrent running through them so fervently.

Their first single proper, “Detroit”, received glittering praise from Clash Magazine, Shortlist, Kerrang! Radio, Virgin Radio and BBC6 Music Radio amongst many others. Their debut album collects together these releases alongside eight other monstrous, cinematic wonders, each with a Lynchian drama that evokes clandestine rituals and smoke-filled corridors whose corners are always just tantalisingly out of reach. Pink Milk’s addictively greasy sea of sound will enthral fans of inventive, cascading soundscapes and music fans eager to see rules broken and new frontiers explored.

You can listen to their debut here:

Our top 5 Velvet Underground songs

The Velvet Underground have inspired numerous artists since releasing their debut album over 50-years ago: Nick Cave, The Strokes, The Libertines, Fat White Family and many more have taken certain aspects from the legendary New York band to better their own music. Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker formed back in the 1960’s to create one of the greatest albums of all-time with the fairly random assistance of Nico.

Criminally underrated at the time, Lou and co sold minimal records which obviously resulted in the band not making much money at all. And While The Beatles and The Beach Boys were singings about your usual cliches, tiptoeing around lyrics to include drug references in their songs, Lou Reed was quite blatantly expressing his interests on taboo subjects such as heroin, sadomasochism and New Yorks seedy underbelly.

So, for no real reason, apart from the fact that I love the Velvets, lets take a look at their top 5 tunes (this is non-debatable).


Oh, Sweet Nuthin’

After the band’s commercial failure, and after sacking his most creative partner John Cale following White Light/White Heat, Lou decided it was time to attempt to appeal to the masses with the bands last album (basically last album, don’t listen to squeeze), Loaded. The move didn’t quite pay off, but the record did produce some great songs such as Sweet Jane, and also showcased Reed’s ability to create catchy pop-songs.

The albums closing track, Oh, Sweet Nuthin’ is the Velvets’ own attempt at a classic Lynyrd Skynyrd like ballad. It features a delicate guitar solo at the end that combines brilliantly with the build up on the drums. This track is not your usual Velvets effort, but it portrays the bands musical ability despite the absence of Cale. And like on Candy Says, Doug Yule doesn’t do too bad at all by replacing Lou Reed on this one with his soft vocals.

This track just about managed to get the nod ahead of Candy Says and Hey Mr. Rain. The latter a song so admired by the Fat White Family they took the riff and altered it slightly to create the track Bomb Disneyland.


Venus in Furs

The sound Reed and Cale created on this song still remains unique to any other this day. The Welshman’s haunting violin plays over Reeds stabbing guitar while Tucker applies her typical heavy tom drum-beat. The music couldn’t be better suited to Reed’s words about dark sexual fantasises regarding sadomasochism which is inspired by the book of the same name.


Pale Blue Eyes

One of The Velvet Undergrounds most popular songs is the ever so delicate Pale Blue Eyes, a song so light it could fade out at any second. Its vintage Lou Red, with that beautiful guitar and alluring melody.

Reed was always a fiend for purposely simplifying his lyrics, never demonstrated better than the tracks opening line “Sometimes I feel so happy, sometimes I feel so sad”. The rest of the song demonstrate some of Reeds personal struggles with relationships, a subject talked about much more later on in the bands career. Pale Blue Eyes features on their self-titled third album, a record that may have also been an effort at shifting their junkie reputation.


I’m Waiting For The Man

Reed always expressed a desire at taking elements from his beat generation idols such as William S. Burroughs and turning it into music, which is portrayed perfectly on Im Waiting For The Man. This fast paced track had Reed echoing Bob Dylan with crooning vocals while he sings about picking up drugs in Harlem. The R&B rhythm guitar is unusually upbeat aided by the constant hit of the piano and snare drum. “So sick and dirty more dead than alive” Reed sings in what would go on to be a punk-esque classic.



Moe Tucker said this was the bands greatest triumph and its hard to disagree. The Velvet Underground were one of first pioneers of punk rock, without really knowing about it. When the Sex Pistols sang about anarchy in the UK there was an audience for it. In late 1960’s New York the chances of getting on the radio with songs about heroin where slim to say the least.

One of the truly unique aspects of this legendary song is Lou Reed’s ability to musically give the listener a good a feel as any (you imagine) at following him on the dangerous journey he experiences. As Reed describes his blood beginning to flow, the drums and guitar quickly build up, perfectly combining with Reeds insight into injecting Heroin. The song continues to change pace and ends with intense screaming feedback that suits the songs subject perfectly.

Antonio Domingos: ‘Fastest Piano Key Hitter’, Rise From Young Acheiver To Guinness World Record Holder.

piano 1

Antonio Domingos, the official fastest Piano key hitter in the world, a title that many dream of owning. However this title doesn’t come easy, Antonio’s life leading up to this great achievement hasn’t been plain sailing, he’s been through hardships, knockbacks and harsh experiences, but its time for a change for this Gifted mind.

Antonio Domingos, born in America in 1977, Antonio discovered Piano at the age of 7, which he then studied for another 7 years. At the age of 14, he went through many legal battles to relocate to Moscow, in Russia. This was, as he described an extremely unbearable environment, and in no way did he think that he would remain in Moscow for 10 years, which was full of Visa problems and moving in and out of the country numerous times.

He had moved to Portugal, where he came across ‘benefactors’, who at the time helped financially and personally. However over the 4 years he was supported by this group, they had treated in ways that were exploitive, absurd, and even unethical. This was hard for Antonio, as this had put great pressure and strain on his life. Even though they had given him a surge in exposure, he had to start ‘putting his foot down’, which ultimately caused them to leave him as benefactors, other than the one Antonio himself dropped.

After this period of his life, Antonio was on his own, living pay-check to pay-check. As well as competing in competitions, and spending time and money on travel, Antonio needed to think of a new way to market himself.

Which led to the ultimate conclusion, that pushing himself as a player could ultimately be achieved through boosting speed and endurance.

He now has his own YouTube channel and holds this amazing title of being the ‘Worlds Fastest Piano Key Hitter’.

Antonio’s Guinness world record video-

Antonio’s website-


JJ Leone’s New Single Reveals its Dark Heart

Few artists can claim to have invented a genre, but British singer-songwriter, J.J. Leone, has taken it upon himself to carve his very own niche – Dark Soul. 

Listen to the single here:

Completely self-managed, J.J’s sound is undiluted and comes from a musician who is truly single-minded in how he communicates with his audience. Though his sound is initially the summery breeze of modern R&B-flecked pop-soul, what sets J.J. apart is his ability to interpret subjects and emotions often avoided by other artists, as well as drawing on the experiences he had at the beginning of his career, busking on street corners. This is Dark Soul – a feeling and a sound which is entirely modern and reflects the world around all of us, in all its brutal glory.

Following on from his Top 20 EP, “Rebuild”, which was recorded in none-more DIY-style, in his bathroom, J.J. is an almost unique proposition for a new artist: writing; performing; producing and managing every aspect of his career, “Reload” showcases his gilt-edged, chiming guitar skills and chillingly pure voice, underpinned with a gently growling synth pattern which resonates inside long after the track has finished. J.J’s sound has grown to a level that sees him challenging any of the UK’s recent leading singer-songwriters as the sound of a nation fighting back. You can also see J.J. live at Septemberfest, alongside Razorlight, on September 22nd.







Steam Punk Carnival Hits Europe

With more bands than you can shake a stick at, the Steampunk Record Label is the latest collective to embrace all things Victorian and Futuristic. Bringing their roster to the UK, they’re touring the country with their diverse line-up, playing everything form post-disco to gutter blues to greasy cabaret torch songs. Don’t miss out, check out the dates below:

FAIRCHILD – ‘Breathless’ EP

From Australia, a new group who raid the 1980s new-wave archives with beautiful results” The Sunday TimesSounds like: Foals, Jungle, Cathedrals” Indie ShuffleWith a touch of Depeche Mode, a hint of Flock of Seagulls, and a healthy dose of Future Islands, FAIRCHILD bring both a contemporary and infectiously classic atmosphere to their new track, Breathless.” Baeble Australian, Manchester-based, six-piece FAIRCHILD are set to continue their streak of 1980s musical praises with the release of their third EP ‘Breathless’, out February 26th via the bands own label ‘Canvas Sounds’. Produced by friend and collaborator Catherine Marks (Foals, The Killers, Wolf Alice) and recorded on the Gold Coast, lead singer Adam Lyons was given the opportunity to oversee mixing at Assault and Battery Studios in London. The title track is a slow, sensual, four-to-the-floor rollick into unchartered territory. It instigated a series of pre-production sessions, with each band member contributing ideas unhindered by genre expectations. FAIRCHILD worked individually and in small groups, at times swapping instruments, sharing half-baked riffs, beats, bites and grooves during an exacting four month period of brainstorming and began to recognize parallels between their recordings and the songs of the 80s bands they’d always loved.

The EP opens with the pounding drums and sundrenched keys of ‘Nom de Guerre’ – a track that is at once vital and relaxed, showcasing the duality of sounds and themes FAIRCHILD is capable of meshing. ‘Hot Rod’ surges forward with its heavy wall of sound, lingering keys, and the sort of unapologetic drop-D power riffage found on metal and heavy rock B-sides. Fellow Canvas Sounds act ‘KNDR’ closes the EP with an electronic remix of ‘Breathless’. In February 2015, the six-piece moved from Gold Coast, Australia to Manchester, UK after spending the last two years touring through Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and North America while releasing their ‘Burning Feet’ & ‘Sadako’ EPs. Fresh from supporting MUTEMATH throughout Europe, the band are set to embark on their own seven date UK tour starting off in Manchester on Feb 27th.

Since ‘Breathless’ premiered online in late November, it’s notched up 150,000 Soundcloud plays, peaked at #5 on the Hype Machine popular charts while receiving support from BBC Introducing, 6music, Amazing Radio & WFUV.   Upcoming Tour Dates

Feb 27th – Gorilla, Manchester  Mar 1st – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton  Mar 2nd – Tooting Tram & Social, London  Mar 11th – Verve Bar, Leeds (Double Denim Live) Mar 25th – Bumper, Liverpool (Love Unsigned) Mar 26th – Hemelvaart Bier Cafe, Ayton  Mar 28th – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow

The Caulfield Beats

‘Acid pt. 1’ single

via Straight Lines Are Fine

Out on December 18th

“Kick ass acid-electronics…a riot of wiggly 303, searing bass and big bouncy beats” ­ DJ magazine

“They’re a unique and puzzling proposition…we’re definitely taken with this gurgling trip­out.” Boiler Room

“The Caulfield Beats, are bringing the halcyon days of ’88 back to the Haggerston Riviera.” ­Thump

Following their ‘Mexican Smoke’ EP, The Caulfield Beats return with a new single ‘Acid pt.1′. The sister track to EP opener and Boiler Room favourite ’90’s Love’, it demonstrates a continuation of the band’s unique style, in driving bass-heavy dance music, set against a live untamed sound. Sinister and experimental, ‘Acid pt. I’ gives fans an additional taste of what to expect from the debut LP (out next year) whilst steering us into further recesses of a ‘new breed’ in club culture.

Navigating that rare and coveted middle ground that usually separates live gigs from 4 to the floor, The Caulfield Beats give the spirit of a DIY garage band to a vision of speaker cone bass. Spontaneity vs. repetition, organic vs. mechanical, the uncontrolled vs. the restrained ­ this is the sound of a band not afraid to dismantle and toy with the idea of what dance music can be. It’s called ‘garage electronics’ and will appeal to the indie kids as much as lovers of acid and techno.

The Caulfield Beats are Lawrence Northall and Molly Dixon. This two ­piece belongs to a generation of producers for whom music studios came in the form of illegal software torrents and production was strictly DIY. A zeitgeist extending beyond music as, like a number of young creatives, they were driven into the nomadic boat based lifestyle of London’s canals – from where they conduct their activities and play impromptu warehouse parties. With live visual projections and already reputed for their visually immersive gigs, The Caulfield Beats are making us reconsider our traditional separations of dance music from live bands and in the process causing quite a stir.

The single package comes with a masterful remix from renowned producer, Antwerp. The Italian artist, who has been lauded by the likes of Dummy and XLR8R, adds some distinctive sitar vibes to the track.

DAWN LANDES {recent Bon Iver collaborator} joins PIERS FACCINI {NPR + Songlines ‘Top 10 Albums Of The Year’}

Piers Faccini’s most recent album ‘Songs of Time Lost’ was in NPR’s top 10 world music albums of the year + Songlines UK’s 10 best albums of 2014

Dawn’s most recent album ‘Bluebird’ won the 2015 IMA  Award (Independent Music Awards) for “Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album Of The Year” and featured guest appearances by Norah Jones and members of Bon Iver

The two songwriters, Dawn Landes (US) and Piers Faccini (UK) met in 2013 when they recorded a Lead Belly song for Faccini’s cover project, Songs I Love. Later that year, Piers invited Dawn to France to perform in a 12th Century Romanesque Chapel in the remote Cevennes region of the south of France near Piers’ home and studio. Inspired by their first experience of performing together, they met up a few months later to write and record the intimate suite of songs that would become the EP, Desert Songs.

The bare autumnal skies and rugged mountainous landscapes provided the perfect backdrop for their collaboration. In between sessions, they walked the footpaths in the hills around the studio, swopping tales of the mystics and seekers that inspired the stories and lyrics in Desert Songs. Where Dawn would quote the Desert Fathers or Thomas Merton, Piers would would cite Sufi poets Rumi and Hafez or the poems of St John of the Cross. Dawn and Piers wove the arrangements together using the rich collection of instruments in Piers’s studio, a Malian Kora, a 1930’s National resonator guitar, West African percussion and an Indian dulcimer and tampura. Back in her Brooklyn studio a month later, Dawn recorded drum parts with Ray Rizzo. Desert Songs was then mixed in NYC by Pat Dillet.

Both songwriters have released critically acclaimed albums to their names, Piers Faccini’s most recent album Songs of Time Lost was in NPR’s top 10 world music albums of the year as well as in Songlines UK’s 10 best albums of 2014. Dawn’s most recent album Bluebird won the 2015 IMA award for “Folk/Singer-Songwriter album of the year” and featured guest appearances by Norah Jones and members of Bon Iver. In 2015 she was invited to give a TED Talk and perform in Lincoln Center’s prestigious American Songbook Series.

Desert Songs will be released by Beating Drum on January 29th 2016 in Europe and in North and South America by Six Degrees. It will be released digitally as well as on limited edition 12” vinyl.